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1)  Orchestral music and concertos


Concerto for organ


Concerto for violin n.3


Concerto for 15 solo strings


Death on a Pale Horse (for orchestra)


Le Cocyte (for orchestra)


Ombre (for orchestra) coming soon


Symphony for chamber orchestra



2)  Chamber music and works for solo instrument


Clarinet Trio


Complainte (solo violin)


Duo for two violas


Émergences (violin and accordion)


Gethsemané (organ)


Le Tombeau de Ravel (ensemble)


Lied (saxophone and piano)


Piano Trio


Reflets (violin and percussion)




Serenata in chiaroscuro (organ)


The Sleep of Reason produces monsters (solo arpeggione)


Soliloque (solo violin)


Stèles (piano)


Stimmungen (cello quartet)


String Quartet


String Quintet


String Trio


Suite for three flutes


Swiss Dances (four-handed piano)


Traces gravées dans le Sable (piano)


Trio with saxophone


Rhapsodic Variations on themes by Rameau (accordion)


Wind Quintet



3)  Vocal music


Elogio della Notte (voice and piano)


Le Nom Caché (oratorio)


Plus près de toi que tu ne l’es toi-même (vocal ensemble)