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Music :                      Associations

Concert societies


History of Music


Interpreters :






Other Websites on music :


Catalogues of works by various composers


Musician’s Directories

Scores and works Directories



Other Websites :     Art :

Galleries on Internet


Painters and other artists

History and Archeology


Nature, Environment



Spirituality, Religions :











Websites on music


Associations :


sumbul1a  Swiss Musicians Association

sumbul1a  Suisa Foundation

sumbul1a  PRO HELVETIA (Arts Council of Switzerland)

sumbul1a  Suisa

sumbul1a  Foundation for Universal Sacred Music

sumbul1a  Stage choral Musique-Montagne

sumbul1a  Association Jeune Musique




Concert societies :

sumbul1a  Jeunesses Musicales de Fribourg

sumbul1a  Société des concerts de Fribourg




Festivals :


sumbul1a  Archipel

sumbul1a  Festival of the Lied, Fribourg

sumbul1a  Festival of Sacred Music of Fribourg

sumbul1a  Festival International de Musique de Sion-Valais

sumbul1a  Roaring Hoofs (Music festival in Mongolia)

sumbul1a  Viva Cello




History of Music :


sumbul1a  Armenian Music (in French)

sumbul1a  Music of ancient Egypt

sumbul1a  Music of ancient Greece

sumbul1a  Ethnomusicology




Instruments :


sumbul1a  Arpeggione

sumbul1a  Instruments of the middle ages

sumbul1a  Organs

sumbul1a  Organs of Alsace

sumbul1a  Organ of the Lausanne Cathedral

sumbul1a  Het Organ (internetmagazine on organ music and organ building)

sumbul1a  Clay whistles



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Interpreters :




sumbul1a  Basel Sinfonietta

sumbul1a  Gewandhausorchester Leipzig

sumbul1a  Lausanne Chamber Orchestra

sumbul1a  Symphonic Orchestra of Berne

sumbul1a  Ensemble Baroque du Léman






sumbul1a  Chamber Choir of the University of Fribourg

sumbul1a  Choir of the University and the Jeunesses Musicales of Fribourg

sumbul1a  Divertimento Vocale

sumbul1a  Mixed Choir of Bulle

sumbul1a  ECOK Oratoriumkoor

sumbul1a  GewandhausChor






sumbul1a  Berliner Cellharmoniker

sumbul1a  Ensemble Sinaulodia

sumbul1a  Janacek Quartet

sumbul1a  Les Chemins de Traverse

sumbul1a  Offenburger Streichtrio

sumbul1a  Piano Duo Dominique Derron et Pius Urech

sumbul1a  Quintette Éole

sumbul1a  Silver-Garburg Piano Duo

sumbul1a  Talich Quartet

sumbul1a  Terpsycordes Quartet

sumbul1a  Triade

sumbul1a  Wiener Klangforum






sumbul1a  Francisco Araiza (tenor)

sumbul1a  Mathias Arter (oboist and composer)

sumbul1a  William Blank (composer and conductor)

sumbul1a  Shirley Brill (clarinettist)

sumbul1a  Christine Buffle (soprano)

sumbul1a  Pedro Carneiro (percussionist)

sumbul1a  Fabio di Càsola (clarinettist)

sumbul1a  Riccardo Chailly (conductor)

sumbul1a  Marie-Claude Chappuis (mezzosoprano)

sumbul1a  Sarah Chardonnens (clarinettist)

sumbul1a  Dana Ciocarlie (pianist)

sumbul1a  Fanny Clamagirand (violinist)

sumbul1a  Carole Collaud (flutist)

sumbul1a  Pascal Contet (accordionist)

sumbul1a  Thierry Dagon (countertenor, composer and choir director)

sumbul1a  Claude Delangle (saxophonist)

sumbul1a  Nicolas Deletaille (cellist)

sumbul1a  Pascal Desarzens (cellist)

sumbul1a  Sebastian Diezig (cellist)

sumbul1a  Jan Dobrzelewski (violinist and conductor)

sumbul1a  Jean-Christophe Dobrzelewski (trumpetist)

sumbul1a  Pierre-Michel Durand (conductor)

sumbul1a  Laurent Estoppey (saxophonist)

sumbul1a  Claude Ferrier (composer and harpist)

sumbul1a  Hans Joerg Fink (pianist)

sumbul1a  Rodolfo Fischer (conductor)

sumbul1a  Pascal Gallois (bassoonist)

sumbul1a  Jean-Christophe Geiser (organist)

sumbul1a  Dominique Gesseney (composer)

sumbul1a  David Philip Hefti (composer and conductor)

sumbul1a  Martin Huber (flutist)

sumbul1a  Yang Jing (pi’pa player)

sumbul1a  Eliane Koradi-Zweifel (harpist)

sumbul1a  Eric Kotterink (choral conductor)

sumbul1a  Sophie Marilley (mezzosoprano)

sumbul1a  Chantal Mathieu (harpist)

sumbul1a  Pascal Mayer (choral conductor)

sumbul1a  Rita Karin Meier (clarinettist)

sumbul1a  Erwin Messmer (organist)

sumbul1a  Barbara Minder (flutist)

sumbul1a  Adam Mital (cellist)

sumbul1a  Lars Mlekusch (saxophonist)

sumbul1a  Matthias Müller (clarinettist)

sumbul1a  Yuji Noguchi (clarinettist)

sumbul1a  Ana Oltean (flutist)

sumbul1a  Juhani Palola (violinist)

sumbul1a  Anne-Laure Pantillon (flutist)

sumbul1a  Marc Pantillon (pianist)

sumbul1a  David Pia (cellist)

sumbul1a  Marianne Piketty (violinist)

sumbul1a  Hans-Jürg Rickenbacher (tenor)

sumbul1a  Nadia Rigolet (violist)

sumbul1a  Christophe Rody (flutist)

sumbul1a  Albert Roman (cellist)

sumbul1a  Romuald (singer – chanson française)

sumbul1a  Armin Rosin (trombonist)

sumbul1a  Karim Samah (guitarist)

sumbul1a  Michael Schönheit (organist)

sumbul1a  Emmanuel Siffert (conductor)

sumbul1a  Sébastien Singer (cellist)

sumbul1a  Malwina Sosnowski (violinist)

sumbul1a  Harry Sparnaay (bass clarinettist)

sumbul1a  Martin Stanzeleit (cellist)

sumbul1a  Olivia Steiner (guitarist)

sumbul1a  Christophe Sturzenegger (horn player and pianist)

sumbul1a  Sonja et Shanti Sungkono (piano duo)

sumbul1a  Marianne Thorsen (violonist)

sumbul1a  D’Arcy Trinkwon (organist)

sumbul1a  See Siang Wong (pianist)

sumbul1a  Kaspar Zehnder (conductor and flutist)



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Radios :


sumbul1a  RSR – Espace 2

sumbul1a  DRS 2




Other Websites on music :


       General :


sumbul1a  Guide of the difficulties of writing in music


       Catalogues of works by various composers :


sumbul1a  Bach : catalogue of works

sumbul1a  Work catalogues of various composers


Databases :


sumbul1a  Ircam, multimedia library

sumbul1a  Karadar : important data bank on music (work catalogues, lieder texts, librettos,…)

sumbul1a  Klassika : the German speaking Website on Classical Music

sumbul1a  Operone (complete website on the opera, in German)

sumbul1a  Lied and Art Song Texts


Musician’s Directories :


sumbul1a  Jewish Musicians

sumbul1a  List of links on contemporary composers

sumbul1a  The Living Composers Project (international directory of composers)

sumbul1a  Swiss Music Information Centre (

sumbul1a  Classical Composers Database


       Scores and works Directories :


sumbul1a  Acanthus

sumbul1a  Database of contemporary guitar music

sumbul1a  20th century violin concertos

sumbul1a  Musicanet (international repertory of works for choir)


    Others :


sumbul1a  Revue Musicale Suisse (Swiss Magazine about Music)

sumbul1a  Revue Musicale de Suisse Romande


sumbul1a  Swissdisc

sumbul1a  Sympaphonie



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Other Websites



Art :


         Galleries on Internet :


sumbul1a  Web Gallery of Art

sumbul1a  Artcyclopedia (iconographical repertory on internet)

sumbul1a  abcgallery

sumbul1a  Important iconographical Gallery of art

sumbul1a  Art of the illustrators (Doré, Rackham,…)

sumbul1a  Musée critique de la Sorbonne

sumbul1a  Painter’s  Gallery (Chirico, Moreau, Munch, …)

sumbul1a  Links to websites with iconographical founds

sumbul1a  Enluminures

sumbul1a  Japanese art

sumbul1a  Asian Historical Architecture


    Museums :


sumbul1a  Museums and Sites of the whole world

sumbul1a  Museum of antiquities of Basel

sumbul1a  Musée Guimet

sumbul1a  Kyoto National Museum

sumbul1a  The Louvre


         Painters :


sumbul1a  Steve Bloom, animal photographer

sumbul1a  Pieter Bruegel

sumbul1a  Arnaud Frich

sumbul1a  Antoni Taulé



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History and Archeology :


sumbul1a  Aerial Archeology

sumbul1a  Ancient Egypt (

sumbul1a  Ancient Egypt

sumbul1a  Standing Stones and Dolmens in Europe (another website on this subject)

sumbul1a  Ancient Greece

sumbul1a  Mesopotamia (

sumbul1a  Historic models

sumbul1a  City map of ancient Rome

sumbul1a  Summary of world’s History

sumbul1a  Tombs of great personalities




Literature :


sumbul1a  Bibliotheca Augustana (litteraturae collectio)

sumbul1a  Duke Papyrus Archive

sumbul1a  Perseus Digital (Virtual Library of ancient and more recent texts)

sumbul1a  Literature works in German

sumbul1a  Italian literature works

sumbul1a  All on Dante and his time


see also : religious texts




Nature, Environment :


sumbul1a  Amazon Rainforest

sumbul1a  Birds of the whole world

sumbul1a  La Salamandre 

sumbul1a  Millennium Ecosystem

sumbul1a  Nice future

sumbul1a  Pro Natura

sumbul1a  Submarine Life in the North Atlantic

sumbul1a  Website on the trees



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Science :


sumbul1a   Cybersciences, science and technology for all




Society :


sumbul1a  The humanitarian internet

sumbul1a  Matthew Shepard Foundation




Spirituality and religions :


    Mythologies :


sumbul1a  Encyclopedia mythica

sumbul1a  Mythologies of the whole world

sumbul1a  Mythorama

sumbul1a  Mythology of Ancient Greece


    Religions :


sumbul1a  History of religions

sumbul1a  University Website of the History of Religions

sumbul1a  Fight against Sects


        Texts :


sumbul1a  Internet Sacred Text (vast collection of sacred texts of all traditions)

sumbul1a  Texts of 7 religious traditions




Various :


sumbul1a  Index Mundi (concise facts an figures on all countries)

sumbul1a  Lexilogos (dictionaries for several languages)



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