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aricebu1   M.456 : Gethsemané

CD ( + works by Bach, Mozart, Gaathaug, Schilling, Franck, Boëllmann)

Erwin Messmer, organ from Bern-Bümpliz

Kadenz Multimedia



aricebu1   M.466 : Symphony for chamber orchestra or 1st Symphonie

CD ( + works by Balissat, Fornerod, Maffei)

Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana, direction : Emmanuel Siffert

VDE Gallo



aricebu1   M.528 : Vers le soleil couchant

2 CDs ( + Requiem by Mozart)

Christa Goetze, Liliane Zürcher, Hans Peter Graf, Michel Brodard, members of the Chœur de Chambre Romand, Choir of the Holy Cross College of Fribourg, Choir of the University of Fribourg, Orchester ad hoc, direction Pascal Mayer



aricebu1   M.548 : Elogio della Notte

CD ( + works by Schoeck, Martin, Pestalozzi, Honegger and Britten)

                                   René Perler, bass-baritone ; Jean-Jacques Schmid, piano

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aricebu1   M.554 : Duo for two violas

CD ( + works by WF Bach, Leclair, Honegger and Droujinine)

Nadia Rigolet Neves and Christine Sörensen, violas


                                   for ordering this CD : christinesorensen(at)



aricebu1   M.573 : Trio for alto-saxophone, cello and piano

                                     CD ( + works by Maffei, Charrière, Ducret, Voegelin)

                         Philippe Savoy, saxophone ; François Abeille, cello ; Juan-David Molano, piano

                         !! exhausted !!



aricebu1   M.596 :  Erhebt die Stimme for a capella choir

CD ( + works by various Swiss composers)

Divertimento vocale Freiburg, conducted by Caroline Charrière


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aricebu1   M.598 : Duo for flute and clarinet

2 CDs ( + works by Quint, Marti, Claren, Wohlleber, Quintero, Vhrunc, Poppe)

Wiener Klangforum (Stiftung Künstlerhaus Boswil)



aricebu1   M.625 : Le Nom Caché

CD ( + Les Noces by Stravinski)

Christine Buffle, Liliane Zürcher, Hans-Jürg Rickenbacher, Michel Brodard, Marc Jaermann, Chamber Choir of the University of Fribourg, Instrumental Ensemble, direction Pascal Mayer



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aricebu1   M.650 : Serenata in chiaroscuro

CD ( + works by Alain, Bach, Brahms, Buxtehude, Gaathaug, Liszt, Mozart, Schilling, Schumann)

Erwin Messmer, organ of the protestant church of Bern-Bümpliz

Lungo Edizioni musicali



aricebu1   M.652 : Émergences for violin and accordion

CD ( + works by Bartók, Bloch, Cavanna, Finzi, Gagneux, Léandre, Piazzolla)

Marianne Piketty, violin and Pascal Contet, accordion


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aricebu1   M.670 : Stèles for piano

2 CDs ( + works by Bolens, Corrales, Furrer-Münch, Gómez, Hoch, Mariétan, Menoud, Moreau, Pelzel, Schneider and Thirvaudey)

Dana Ciocarlie, piano

Grammont Sélection

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aricebu1   M.673 :  Traces gravées dans le Sable for piano


1) CD ( + works by Baumann, Fueter, Läubli, Neukom, Wyttenbach and Zinsstag)

See Siang Wong, piano


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                  NEW ! 


2) CD box set (3 CDs) ( + works by 27 other Swiss composers)

See Siang Wong, piano

Grammont Portrait

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