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(catalogue from August 31st, 2010)






Concertosworks for solo violin

Chamber Music :









M.544 : Concerto n.1 (1996)  [13']

for violin and orchestra (2*-2*-2*-2*  2-0-0-0  Strings)

Full score: 20 (+4) pages

Reduction violin and piano: 11 (+1) pages

Solo violin part: 5 (+1) pages


Work yet to be first-performed (!! please contact the composer for first performance)


In two parts, the first one desolated and tragic, with the cadenza almost at the beginning of the work, and the second one meditating and profound, going away at the end towards high sounds (soloist part), towards deep sounds (orchestra), and towards silence.




M.579 : Concerto n.2 (1998)  [19’]

for violin and string orchestra (6-6-4-4-1/ 2)

M.579: Full score: 58 (+3) pages

M.579a: Reduction with piano: 32 (+2) pages

Solo violin part: 12 (+2) pages

Performing material to be asked from the composer.


score excerpt (pdf)


First movement virtuoso and passionate, the second calm and meditative, the third energetic. The cadenza, particularly expressive, is to be found at the end of the second movement. First performance in Budapest, conducted by Tibor Varga, with Isabelle Lambelet as soloist.




M.607 : Concerto n.3 (1999)  [20']

for violin and full orchestra (3**-3*-3*-3*  4-3-3-1  T.-t.  Strings)

M.607: Full score: 51 (+2) pages

M.607a: Reduction with piano: 43 (+2) pages

Solo violin part: 17 (+1) pages

Performing material to be asked from the composer.


Presentation, score excerpts and audio recording


In two parts. The first virtuoso and dramatic, the second elegiac, tristamente semplice. Ordered by the Radio Suisse Romande - Espace 2, compulsory piece of the International Violin Competition Tibor Varga - 2000. First performed by Ryoko Yano, winner of the interpretation prize and 1st prize of the Competition, and the Chamber Orchestra of Lithuania, conducted by Gilbert Varga.




M.629 : Double Concerto for pipa, violin and orchestra (2002-5)  [21']

(2*-2*-2*-2*  2-0-0-0  2Perc.  Strings) 

64 (+6) pages

Pipa and violin part : 40 (+4) pages

Performing material to be asked from the composer.


To be first performed soon !


Work written for the famous pipa (chinese lute) player Yang Jing, and the violinist Boris Livschitz. In three movements : the first one alternates mysterious and energetic passages, the second one is meditative. The third, Eruptivo, contains an important cadenza for the soloists.




M.481 : Concerto for 15 soloist strings (1994)  [20']

for 8 violins, 3 violas, 3 cellos and double bass

103 (+1) pages

Performing material to be asked from the composer.


Presentation, score excerpt and audio recording


Each instrumentalist is at the same time soloist, chamber musician and member of the orchestra. 3 movements: passionate, elegiac, and the third more rhythmical, with successive cadenzas for each of the 15 soloists. First performed during the opening concert of the Tibor Varga Festival 1994, by the members of the Festival Orchestra, conducted by Tibor Varga.




Violin solo



M.497 : Fantasia (1994-5)  [10']

for solo violin

8 (+1) pages


Very virtuoso work in its middle part (fantastico), very expressive starting and ending. Contains a fugue on the name of BACH. Ordered by the Radio Suisse Romande - Espace 2, compulsory piece of the international violin competition Tibor Varga - 1995.




M.585 : Soliloque (1998)  [6']

for solo violin

2 (+1) pages


score excerpt (pdf)


Work of great inner contemplation, between melancholy and serenity. First performance in Morgins, 2002, by Jan Dobrzelewski, during the festival “Flâneries Musicales de Champéry”.




M.633 : Complainte  (2003)  [6']

for solo violin

5 (+2) pages


Presentation, score excerpt and audio excerpts


Written at the request of Shlomo Mintz to be the compulsory piece of the International Violin Competition of Sion (2003). Between rage and resignation, lamentation and anger.




Chamber music







M.655 : Petite Suite de Danses (2006-7)  [8’]

for violin and piano

22 (+3) pages with violin part : 10 pages


This little dance suite consists of four movements (Polka, Dwarves Gallop, Totentanz - Dance of Death - and Dance of the wild man). It is a transcription of four of the Swiss Dances, originally written for four handed piano.




M.630 : Reflets (2003-4)  [12']

for violin and percussion (1 percussionist)

22 (+4) pages


Presentation, score excerpt and audio excerpt


Violin and percussion give answer to one another, imitate, call, influence, attract or repulse each other, as reflections of one another. The percussion part requires a lot of timbres and ways of playing.




M.652 : Émergences (2006)  [7']

for violin and accordion

10 (+3) pages

CD recording


Presentation, score excerpt and audio excerpt


This work has been written for Marianne Piketty and Pascal Contet, on request of the Festival des Musicales d’Auberive (France). It is a little enigmatic work, basing itself on one hand on threatening, or even stormy clusters, and on impassive tritones, and, on the other hand, on lyrical of dreamy passages. The title can evoke the emergence of forces of the Subconscious, the emergence of physical or meteorological phenomena, or also the emergence of sonorous events, for instance the pianissimo apparition of the violin under a forte of the accordion.




M.537 : Duo (1996)  [9']

for violin and cello

10 (+1) pages


Energetic work. Free polyphony and imitation techniques at the service of a work full of life and invention.




M.540 : Duo (1996)  [11']

for violin and alto saxophone    

13 (+1) pages


score excerpt (pdf)


Well level-headed parts, to avoid the saxophone covering the violin. 4 movements: appassionato, dreamy, energico and inner. An order of the Jeunesses Musicales of Fribourg.




M.473 : Adagio (1993)  [5']

for violin and piano

8 (+1) pages with violin part : 3 pages


Work of classical aspect, of bright simplicity. Very melodious violin part.




M.473b : Adagio (1993)  [5']

for violin and organ

6 (+1) pages with violin part : 3 pages


Transcribed from the Adagio for violin and piano. Work of classical aspect, of bright simplicity. Very melodious violin part.







M.520 : Trio (1995-6)  [17']

for violin, cello and piano

35 (+1) pages ; violin and cello parts : 20 (+1) pages – 20 (+1) pages


Presentation, score excerpts and audio excerpts


Tragic work, with tensed climates, sometimes mysterious, even terrifying, a scherzo furioso and a more calm ending. Commission of the Animae Trio, which first performed it in Fribourg and at the Melos-Ethos Festival of Bratislava.




M.552 : String trio (1997-8)  [18’]

for violin, viola and violoncello

26 (+2) pages

M.552a: performing material : 9 (+2), 10 (+1), 11 (+1) pages


Presentation, score excerpts and audio excerpts


Meditating work. The central part alternates growls of revolt and of resignation, even grief. The appeased end moves off to inner silence. Commission of Pro Helvetia for the Zurich String Trio, which first performed it during August 2000 on the occasion of a tour in India and Sri Lanka.







M.587 : String quartet n.1 (1998-9)  [17’]

for 2 violins, viola and violoncello

12 (+1) pages

M.587a: performing material : 10 (+1), 3x8 (+1) pages


Presentation, score excerpt and audio excerpts


Ordered for the Talich Quartet, which has declared to have “enjoyed playing this lovely, thoughtful piece”. Single slow movement of a distress as extreme as its expressive density. Feeling of resignation.




M.660 : Cyprès (2007)  [3’20]

for string quartet (2 violins, viola and violoncello)

5 (+2) pages

M.660a : performing material : 4x2 (+1) pages


This short work has been written on the occasion of the first performance of the complete song cycle « Cypresses » by Dvorak, out of which Dvorak himself had transcribed for string quartet 12 of the songs. The work has a nostalgic character, and uses the melodic cells taken from the 15th song of the cycle, which Dvorak hasn’t transcribed for quartet.




M.484 : Exils (1994/7)  [9']

for violin, cello and 2 percussionists      

17 (+3) pages


Work yet to be first-performed (!! please contact the composer for first performance)


Non-traditional writing, but easy to understand. Mystery, spelling passages, with superimposed tempi. Lyrical and nostalgic end, during which the violinist goes away and leaves the hall while still playing.




M.675 : Offrande Funèbre en hommage à Bach (2010)  [5']

für Flöte, Geige, Cello und Orgel

10 (+2) Seiten

M.675a : Stimmen : 3 x 3 (+1) Seiten


Die Offrande Funèbre en hommage à Bach (Traueropfer in Andenken an Bach) basiert sich auf 4 Themen : ein klagendes, omnipräsentes Motiv ; das Thema des Musikalischen Opfers selbst ; ein lyrisches Thema, zuerst an der Flöte gespielt ; zuletzt, ein chromatisches Bass-Ostinato, mal runtergehend, mal steigend. Diese vier Themen vermischen sich zunehmend, während die Orgel den Anfang des „Ricercar a 3“ spielt. Das Ricercar löst sich nach dem Eintritt seiner 3. Stimme allmählich auf. Uraufgeführt durch dem Auftraggeber, das Schweizer Kammerensemble, am 20. August 2010 in Lenzburg.







M.618 : String quintet (2001-2)  [17']

for 2 violins, 2 violas and cello

28 (+1) pages

M.618a : performing material : 3x13, 12, 14 pages


Presentation, score excerpt and audio excerpts


Commissioned by the Zurich String Quintet, this work has been first performed during a tour in Finland and Lithuania, in July 2003. A great movement, slow and oppressive, out of which emerges a kind of running to the abyss based on an implacable ostinato.




M.627 : Quintet for flute and strings (2002-3)  [14']

for flute, violin, 2 violas and cello

33 (+2) pages

M.627a : performing material : 16 pages + 4x12 pages


score excerpt (pdf)


Written for Alexandre Magnin and the Janacek Quartet, full of dreamy nostalgia. The sonority of the Quintet is more well-balanced, thanks to the use of a second viola instead of a second violin. “There are to be found all human feelings in this Quintet” (A. Magnin).




M.668 : Quintet for clarinet and strings (2008)  [12']

for clarinet, 2 violins, viola and cello

37 (+2) pages

M.668a: performing material : 10 (+1) pages – 10 (+1) pages – 12 (+1) pages – 11 (+1) pages – 11 (+1) pages


Commissioned by the Davos Festival, first performed 2008 by Shirley Brill, clarinet, and the Terpsycordes Quartet. This work is built on several short cells, developed, mixed and transmuted during the whole work. The counterpointed work plays with the pitches (also in the extremes) and the oppositions between diaphanous passages, nostalgic melodies, and more clashed and violent moments, the whole generating progressively a mixing of the themes, of the melodic lines and rhythms.







M.620 : Septet (2001)  [18']

for flute, clarinet, horn, bassoon, violin, violoncello and piano

41 (+3) pages

M.620a : performing material : 25 (+2) pages – 25 (+2) pages – 25 (+2) pages – 27 (+2) pages – 26 (+2) pages – 27 (+2) pages


Presentation, score excerpt and audio excerpts


This septet has been especially written for the formation of the Mittelland Ensemble. Five movements linked together, mixing disquieting, tragic, mysterious or melancholic aspects.




M.654 : Le Tombeau de Ravel (2006)  [6']

for tenor saxophone, bassoon, violin, cello, piano, guitar and percussion

14 (+5) pages

M.654a : performing material : 2 (+2) pages – 2 (+2) pages – 3 (+2) pages – 3 (+2) pages – 2 (+3) pages


Presentation, score excerpt and audio excerpts


This work has been written for a project of the Compagnie CH.AU, for which six composers have written one movement each, corresponding to one of the parts of the Tombeau de Couperin by Ravel. This piece inspires itself of the Menuet of the Tombeau de Couperin, and has principally an elegiac, tender and nostalgic character. It has also been instrumented for a chamber orchestra.



In project :


Sonata for violin and piano

Duo for violin and viola 

Duo for violin and guitar



All commissions welcome!