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(catalogue from August 1st, 2010)







ConcertoSolo PianoPiano four hands

Chamber MusicVocal Music







M.505 : Concerto (1994)  [17']

for piano and orchestra (3*-2*-3*-3*  4-2-3-1  3Perc.  Strings)

Full score: 51 (+2) pages

Reduction for 2 pianos: 57 (+1) pages


Work yet to be first-performed (!! please contact the composer for first performance)


Impressive work, with a great variety of colours. Slow introduction, virtuose part followed by a slow movement altogether of great tenderness and great sadness. The end is a slow rise towards the light, going through various stages.



In project :   


Concerto for four-handed piano (for the Silver-Garburg Duo)




Solo Piano



M.463 : Sonata in 1 movement (1991)  [8']

for piano          

12 (+1) pages


score excerpt (pdf)


Tragic and pathetic work, of a great variety of shades. Very passionate.




M.566 : Sonata (1997)  [8']

for pianoforte (Fortepiano), also to be played on a modern piano

10 (+2) pages


Brings the clearness of the low sounds of ancient pianos to the fore. Nevertheless, also to be played on a modern piano.




M.621 : Déploration (2001)  [1'30]

for piano

2 (+1) pages


This short and grave piece shows in particular fragments of desolated melodies, also in dialogue or in canon, and the muffled hammering of a very low chord. Commission of the Association Jeune Musique, for the 1st International Piano Competition of Fribourg.




M.670 : Stèles (2007-8)  [13']

for piano

20 (+3) pages

CD recording


Presentation, score excerpts and audio recording


Cycle of five pieces after poems taken from the collection « Stèles » by Victor Segalen : Écrit avec du Sang / Written with Blood (granitic, tensed and terrifying), Joyau mémorial / Memorial Jewel  (enigmatic, from serene joy to anguish), Éloge du Jade / Eulogy on Jade (bright, cold and sharp like the jade), Miroirs / Mirrors (made of sparkling reflections, written in a mirrorlike mode), Juges souterrains / Underground Judges (inexorable, peremptory and terse). The first performance took place in Lausanne on March 23rd, 2009, by Dana Ciocarlie.




M.673 : Traces gravées dans le Sable (Tracks drawn in the Sand) (2009)  [12']

for piano

12 (+6) pages

CD recording


Presentation, score excerpts and audio excerpts


The six pieces of this cycle are inspired by texts of the Chan tradition. These pieces are more meditations on texts rather than a single description. These appeased contemplations are voluntarily bare and sober. The first performance has taken place by See Siang Wong in Zurich on September 9th, 2009.



In project :   


Collections of pieces for solo piano (among which Rhythmical Studies)




Piano four hands



M.635 : Swiss Dances (2003-4)  [15']

for piano four hands

40 (+3) pages


Presentation, score excerpts and audio excerpts


This series of 6 Swiss Dances is made of the following pieces : Ländler, Coraules, Polka, Dwarves Gallop, Totentanz (Dance of Death) and Dance of the wild man. The first three are written on themes inspired by the Swiss Folklore, whereas the last three are more freely inspired, though referring to traditional elements of Switzerland.




Chamber Music



M.473 : Adagio (1993)  [5']

for violin and piano

8 (+1) pages with violin part : 3 pages


Work of classical aspect, of bright simplicity. Very melodious violin part.




M.520 : Trio (1995-6)  [17']

for violin, cello and piano

35 (+1) pages ; violin and cello parts : 20 (+1) pages – 20 (+1) pages


Presentation, score excerpts and audio excerpts


Tragic work, with tensed climates, sometimes mysterious, even terrifying, a scherzo furioso and a more calm ending. Commission of the Animae Trio, which first performed it in Fribourg and at the Melos-Ethos Festival of Bratislava.




M.533 : Sonata (1996)  [14']

for flute and piano

18 (+1) pages with flute part: 7 (+1) pages


score excerpt (pdf)


3 parts linked together, with a scherzo inspired by andine music and a meditative finale, more and more inner. Order of the Jeunesses Musicales of Gruyères, destined to celebrate their 25th anniversary.




M.551 : Lied (1997)  [6']

for soprano saxophone and piano

9 (+1) pages with saxophone part : 3 pages


Presentation and audio excerpt


Very singing work, showing up the expressive properties of the saxophone.




M.553 : Sonata (1997)  [16']

for cello and piano

22 (+1) pages with cello part : 6 (+1) pages


Work yet to be first-performed (!! please contact the composer for first performance)


Epic and dark work, with a slow and elegiac movement in the middle.




M.573 : Trio for alto saxophone, violoncello and piano (1998-9)  [17’]

17 (+2) pages

M.573a: saxophone and cello parts: 2x12 (+2) pages

CD recording


Presentation, score excerpt and audio excerpts


2 contrasted movements: the first passionate, ending in distress, and the second meditating, ending in serenity. Simultaneous performance, on February 11th, 2000, during concerts organized by the “Association for the Development of the Classical Saxophone”, which commissioned the work, in more than ten cities in Switzerland and abroad.




M.580 : Paremboles (1998)  [11']

for flute, clarinet (B flat), saxophone (soprano in B flat and alto in E flat), viola ad libitum and piano (2 or 4 hands) ad libitum

30 (+2) pages ; performing material : 7 (+2) pages – 9 (+2) pages – 6 (+2) pages – 4 (+2) pages


Work which might be performed in 6 different versions, according to the principle of the adding or the retrenchment of one or more voices. From granitic to deep emotion, following compositional forms of the Ars antiqua, but with contemporary harmonies.




M.620 : Septet (2001)  [18']

for flute, clarinet, horn, bassoon, violin, violoncello and piano

41 (+3) pages

M.620a : performing material : 25 (+2) pages – 25 (+2) pages – 25 (+2) pages – 27 (+2) pages – 26 (+2) pages – 27 (+2) pages


Presentation, score excerpts and audio excerpts


This septet has been especially written for the formation of the Mittelland Ensemble. Five movements linked together, mixing disquieting, tragic, mysterious or melancholic aspects.




M.632 : Trio for clarinet, cello and piano (2003)  [14’]

24 (+3) pages

M.632a : separate parts : 16 (+3) pages – 15 (+2) pages


Presentation, score excerpts and audio excerpts


Ordered by the Avalon Trio, first performed in April 2004 during the « 2 days & 2 nights of modern music » Festival of Odessa and during a concert tour in Ukraine. In three movements : angoscioso, where the lyricism of the clarinet and of the cello contrasts with the implacable rhythms of the piano ; scherzo furioso, followed by a more calm ending. This work is inspired, among others, by elements of the Klezmer music.




M.636 : Attente (2004)  [11']

for saxophone, cello, piano and percussion (1 percussionist)

22 (+4) pages

M.636a: performing material: 16 (+3) pages – 16 (+3) pages – 22 (+4) pages


Work yet to be first-performed (!! please contact the composer for first performance)


This work is in turn passive and resigned, or active and revolted expectation. The saxophonist plays on three instruments : successively baritone, soprano and alto.




M.654 : Le Tombeau de Ravel (2006)  [6']

for tenor saxophone, bassoon, violin, cello, piano, guitar and percussion

14 (+5) pages

M.654a : performing material : 2 (+2) pages – 2 (+2) pages – 3 (+2) pages – 3 (+2) pages – 2 (+3) pages


Presentation, score excerpt and audio excerpts


This work has been written for a project of the Compagnie CH.AU, for which six composers have written one movement each, corresponding to one of the parts of the Tombeau de Couperin by Ravel. This piece inspires itself of the Menuet of the Tombeau de Couperin, and has principally an elegiac, tender and nostalgic character. It has also been instrumented for a chamber orchestra.




M.655 : Petite Suite de Danses (2006-7)  [8’]

for violin and piano

22 (+ 3) pages with violin part : 10 pages


This little dance suite consists of four movements (Polka, Dwarves Gallop, Totentanz - Dance of Death - and Dance of the wild man). It is a transcription of four of the Swiss Dances, originally written for four handed piano.



In project :   


Sonata for violin and piano        




Vocal Music



M.462 : Racines avides (1991-2)  [17']

for middle voice and piano

23 (+5) pages


Work yet to be first-performed (!! please contact the composer for first performance)


7 poems in French language by Luce Péclard relating the human search for the inside of his being. Polyphonic, subtle accompaniment by the piano; more mystical and bare parts.




M.548 : Auf die erniedrigende Erhebung und erhebte Niedrigkeit (1997)  [5']

for high voice and piano

6 (+1) pages


Text in German language by Catharina Regina von Greiffenberg. Conflict between mysticism and human torment. Appeasement during the coda, played only by the piano.




M.549 : Elògio della Nòtte (1997)  [10']

for voice and piano

12 (+3) pages

CD recording


Presentation, score excerpt and audio excerpt


Three versions : original version for bass voice, version for alto voice, version for medium voice. On texts by Michelangelo, in Italian language. Dark and tormented, then meditative and appeased. particularly well-written for the bass-voice. The accompaniment is sober, which is even more impressive.




M.559 : Al cor di zolfo... (1997)  [5']

for bass-voice and piano

5 (+2) pages


Between passion and thought. On a sonnet by Michelangelo (in Italian language).




M.659 : Quelle terre est vide de toi ? (2007)  [3’]

for high voice and piano

7 (+ 3) pages 


Text and audio excerpt from the oratorio out of which this song is taken


This song is a transcription of a passage of the oratorio « Le Nom Caché » (The Hidden Name). The text, by the composer, is inspired by mystic poems of the sufi sage Hallaj ; it is a meditation on the unknowable nature of the Divinity.




M.625 : Le Nom Caché (The Hidden Name), oratorio (2001-2)  [48']

for 4 soli (SATB), mixed choir, solo cello, two pianos and percussion (6 players)

M.625 full score 149 (+ 30) pages

M.625a reduction voice/piano: 197 (+26) pages

Performing material to be asked from the composer.

CD recording


Presentation, score excerpts and audio excerpts    Text


Ordered by the National Swiss Exposition (2002). Work based on texts stressing the anguish, and then the appeasement of the beings facing the mystery of a hidden God, that can’t be named. The work develops itself while following the various human feelings : questioning, rebellion, despair, haunting doubts, acceptation of the limits of human comprehension, contemplative silence.



In project :   


Collections of works for voice and piano: cycles on words by V. Hugo, Shakespeare, etc...



All commissions welcome!