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(catalogue from August 1st, 2010)





Percussion soloChamber music

Work with choirStage works



Percussion solo



M.657 : Cloches du Crépuscule et de l’Aube (2007)  [3'40]

for carillon or tubular bells

2 (+ 2) pages


This piece is written for a 8 notes carillon (c, d, e, f, g, a, b flat, b natural), and can be transposed according to the bells of each carillon. It can also be played on tubular bells. It is based on thematic cells, some of which use semitone frictions.




Chamber music



M.630 : Reflets (2003-4)  [12']

for violin and percussion (1 percussionist)

22 (+4) pages


Presentation, score excerpt and audio excerpt


Violin and percussion give answer to one another, imitate, call, influence, attract or repulse each other, as reflections of one another. The percussion part requires a lot of timbres and ways of playing.




M.636 : Attente (2004)  [11']

for saxophone, cello, piano and percussion (1 percussionist)

22 (+4) pages

M.636a: performing material: 16 (+3) pages – 16 (+3) pages – 22 (+4) pages


Work yet to be first-performed (!! please contact the composer for first performance)


This work is in turn passive and resigned, or active and revolted expectation. The saxophonist plays on three instruments : successively baritone, soprano and alto.




M.484 : Exils (1994/7)  [9']

for violin, cello and 2 percussionists      

17 (+3) pages


Work yet to be first-performed (!! please contact the composer for first performance)


Non-traditional writing, but easy to understand. Mystery, spelling passages, with superimposed tempi. Lyrical and nostalgic end, during which the violinist goes away and leaves the hall while still playing.




M.654 : Le Tombeau de Ravel (2006)  [6']

for tenor saxophone, bassoon, violin, cello, piano, guitar and percussion

14 (+5) pages

M.654a : performing material : 2 (+2) pages – 2 (+2) pages – 3 (+2) pages – 3 (+2) pages – 2 (+3) pages


Presentation, score excerpt and audio excerpts


This work has been written for a project of the Compagnie CH.AU, for which six composers have written one movement each, corresponding to one of the parts of the Tombeau de Couperin by Ravel. This piece inspires itself of the Menuet of the Tombeau de Couperin, and has principally an elegiac, tender and nostalgic character. It has also been instrumented for a chamber orchestra.




Work with choir



M.625 : Le Nom Caché (The Hidden Name), oratorio (2001-2)  [48']

for 4 soli (SATB), mixed choir, solo cello, two pianos and percussion (6 players)

M.625 full score 149 (+ 30) pages

M.625a reduction voice/piano: 197 (+26) pages

Performing material to be asked from the composer.

CD recording


Presentation, score excerpts and audio excerpts    Text


Ordered by the National Swiss Exposition (2002). Work based on texts stressing the anguish, and then the appeasement of the beings facing the mystery of a hidden God, that can’t be named. The work develops itself while following the various human feelings : questioning, rebellion, despair, haunting doubts, acceptation of the limits of human comprehension, contemplative silence.




Stage works



M.479 : Lysistrata (1993-4)  [120']

for actors, choir and percussion ensemble

1170 pages


After Aristophanes. Uses more then a hundred of percussion instruments. First performance in 1994 during 11 performances, directed by the composer, in a place especially prepared for this spectacle.




M.634 : Les Serrures à Secret (2003-5)  [95']

For solo bass, actors, choirs and instrumental ensemble

242 (+16) pages


On a libretto by Michel Gremaud. Explores the myth of Hephaestus, placed in our time. The instrumental ensemble is divided into different groups, among which a wind quintet and a percussion ensemble.



In project :


Concerto for percussion and orchestra (for Pedro Carneiro)

Work for percussion and organ



All commissions welcome!