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(catalogue from August 1st, 2010)






M.470 : Sonata (1993)  [6']

for trumpet and organ

12 (+1) pages with trumpet part: 2 (+1) pages


Takes advantage of the expressive possibilities of the trumpet. Organ part without difficulty.




M.529 : Elégie (1995/7)  [5']

for trombone and organ

9 (+2) pages with trombone part: 2 (+2) pages


Work of noble character. Suits the character of the trombone.




M.582 : Sonata a quattro (1998)  [9']

for flute, horn and 2 trumpets

14 (+1) pages ; performing material : 2x9 (+1) pages - 2x8 (+1) pages


Subtle and delicate sonorities. Work which articulates itself around perfect consonances, requesting a great purity of intonation.




M.612 : Wind Quintet (2000)  [16’]

For flute (also piccolo and alto flute), oboe, clarinet (b), horn and bassoon.

31 (+2) pages

M.612a : performing material : 31 (+2) pages – 31 (+2) pages – 30 (+2) pages – 29 (+2) pages – 26 (+2) pages


Presentation, score excerpt and audio recording


Every instrument is valued, in a great variety of colours, work successively energetic, melancholic, mysterious, desolated or contemplative. Order of the Eole Quintet, which first performed it September 2001, in the “Espace Jean-Tinguely-Niki de Saint-Phalle” of Fribourg.




M.620 : Septet (2001)  [18']

for flute, clarinet, horn, bassoon, violin, violoncello and piano

41 (+3) pages

M.620a : performing material : 25 (+2) pages – 25 (+2) pages – 25 (+2) pages – 27 (+2) pages – 26 (+2) pages – 27 (+2) pages


Presentation, score excerpt and audio excerpts


This septet has been especially written for the formation of the Mittelland Ensemble. Five movements linked together, mixing disquieting, tragic, mysterious or melancholic aspects.




M.637 and 638 : Appel I and Appel II (2004)  [1']

for any wind instrument (wood or brass)

4 (+2) pages


Appel means Call. Both Appels have been composed within the context of the ORB_IT project of the World New Music Days 2004. These two short pieces, like miniature fanfares, are written in order to be playable by any wind instruments (wood or brass).




M.642 : Suite for wind quintet (2005-6)  [18']

for flute (also piccolo and alto flute in g), oboe (also english horn), clarinet in b flat (also little clarinet in e flat, bass clarinet in b flat and ad libitum clarinet in a), bassoon (also contrabassoon) and horn

36 (+5) pages


This suite, taken from the scenic work « Les Serrures à Secret », is made of four movements and two short interludes. The first movement is mysterious and almost hypnotic, the second ironical, grotesque and mocking, the third first grave and solemn, then progressively more appeased, and the fourth, first like a dance on obsessive rhythms, ends on a touch of nostalgia. As for the two interludes surrounding the second movement, they are quite in the spirit of the Musiques d’ameublement by Satie. The full score serves also as separate part for each instrumentalist.



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