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(catalogue from August 1st, 2010)






M.474 : Quartet of saxophones (1993)  [22']

For 4 saxophones (s., a., t., bar.)

62 (+1) pages

M.474a : performing material : 12 (+1) pages et 3x10 (+1) pages


In 4 movements, the third beeing a scherzo furioso. Well levelheaded between the 4 instrumental parts (with solos for each part) and particularly well fitting to the tone and very expressive character of the saxophone family. First performance in 1994 by the Saxophone Quartet of Geneva, within the context of the Musical Youths of Fribourg.




M.513 : Thrène (1995)  [5']

for solo alto saxophone

3 (+2) pages


Use of numerous peculiarities of contemporary writing at the service of a passionate and dreamy atmosphere.




M.540 : Duo (1996)  [11']

for violin and alto saxophone     

13 (+1) pages


score excerpt (pdf)


Well level-headed parts, to avoid the saxophone covering the violin. 4 movements: appassionato, dreamy, energico and inner.




M.551 : Lied (1997)  [6']

for soprano saxophone and piano          

9 (+1) pages with saxophone part: 3 pages


Presentation and audio excerpt


Very singing work, showing up the expressive properties of the saxophone.




M.573 : Trio for alto saxophone, violoncello and piano (1998-9)  [17’]

17 (+2) pages

M.573a : saxophone and cello parts : 2x12 (+2) pages

CD recording


Presentation, score excerpt and audio excerpts


2 contrasted movements: the first passionate, ending in distress, and the second meditating, ending in serenity. Simultaneous performance, on February 11th, 2000, during concerts organized by the “Association for the Development of the Classical Saxophone”, which commissioned the work, in more than ten cities in Switzerland and abroad.




M.580 : Paremboles (1998)  [11']

for flute, clarinet (B flat), saxophone (soprano in B flat and alto in E flat), viola ad libitum and piano (2 or 4 hands) ad libitum

30 (+2) pages; performing material : 7 (+2) pages – 9 (+2) pages – 6 (+2) pages – 4 (+2) pages


Work which might be performed in 6 different versions, according to the principle of the adding or the retrenchment of one or more voices. From granitic to deep emotion, following compositional forms of the Ars antiqua, but with contemporary harmonies.




M.609 : Duo for 2 alto saxophones (1999-2000)  [10’]

8 (+1) pages                                                                                                                                                  


Piece asking a special effort for breathing. First performed during the 12th World Congress of Saxophone by Philippe Savoy and Elie Fumeaux.




M.636 : Attente (2004)  [11']

for saxophone, cello, piano and percussion (1 percussionist)

22 (+4) pages

M.636a: performing material: 16 (+3) pages – 16 (+3) pages – 22 (+4) pages


Work yet to be first-performed (!! please contact the composer for first performance)


This work is in turn passive and resigned, or active and revolted expectation. The saxophonist plays on three instruments : successively baritone, soprano and alto.




M.637 and 638 : Appel I and Appel II (2004)  [1']

for saxophone or any other wind instrument

4 (+2) pages


Appel means Call. Both Appels have been composed within the context of the ORB_IT project of the World New Music Days 2004. These two short pieces, like miniature fanfares, are written in order to be playable by any wind instruments (wood or brass).




M.654 : Le Tombeau de Ravel (2006)  [6']

for tenor saxophone, bassoon, violin, cello, piano, guitar and percussion

14 (+5) pages

M.654a : performing material : 2 (+2) pages – 2 (+2) pages – 3 (+2) pages – 3 (+2) pages – 2 (+3) pages


Presentation, score excerpt and audio excerpts


This work has been written for a project of the Compagnie CH.AU, for which six composers have written one movement each, corresponding to one of the parts of the Tombeau de Couperin by Ravel. This piece inspires itself of the Menuet of the Tombeau de Couperin, and has principally an elegiac, tender and nostalgic character. It has also been instrumented for a chamber orchestra.



In preparation :       


collections of Microludes for soprano saxophone solo, alto saxophone solo



All commissions welcome!