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(catalogue from August 31st, 2017)






Guitar – Harp – Pi’pa







M.671: Sonata for Guitar (2008)  [10']

12 (+2) pages


Several episodes linked together: misterioso, presto (virtuoso), furioso and meditativo. First performance on May 1st, 2009 with Olivia Steiner during the International Guitar Festival of Fribourg.




M.576: Duo for Alto Flute and Guitar (1998)  [13']

11 (+1) pages


In 3 movements. Elegiaco with subtle sonority, presto malinconico, mirror-like scherzo, and estaticamente lento, of great expressive purity.




M.654: Le Tombeau de Ravel (2006)  [6']

for tenor saxophone, bassoon, violin, cello, piano, guitar and percussion

14 (+5) pages

M.654a: performing material: 2 (+2) pages – 2 (+2) pages – 3 (+2) pages – 3 (+2) pages – 2 (+3) pages


Presentation, score excerpt and audio excerpts


This work has been written for a project of the Compagnie CH.AU, for which six composers have written one movement each, corresponding to one of the parts of the Tombeau de Couperin by Ravel. This piece inspires itself of the Menuet of the Tombeau de Couperin, and has principally an elegiac, tender and nostalgic character. It has also been instrumented for a chamber orchestra.







M.514: Miroir du silence (Mirror of Silence) (1995)  [10']

for harp

5 (+2) pages


Work yet to be first-performed (!! please contact the composer for first performance)


Mysterious and meditating work, almost oriental. At the middle of the score, return to the starting-point by retrogradation.




M.569: Trio for Flute, Viola and Harp (1997-9)  [11’]

10 (+1) pages

M.569a: flute and viola parts: 2x2 (+1) pages


score excerpt (pdf)


In a single movement, slow and melancholic, written in a funeral way.







M.629: Double Concerto for Pipa and Violin (2002-5)  [21']

for pipa, violin and orchestra (2*-2*-2*-2*  2-0-0-0  2Perc.  Strings) 

M.629: Full score: 64 (+6) pages

M.629a: Pipa and violin part: 40 (+4) pages

Performing material to be asked from the composer


To be first performed soon!


Work written for the famous pipa (chinese lute) player Yang Jing, and the violinist Boris Livschitz. In three movements: the first one alternates mysterious and energetic passages, the second one is meditative. The third, Eruptivo, contains an important cadenza for the soloists.