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(catalogue from August 31st, 2010)










M.628 : Concerto for organ and orchestra (2002-3)  [18']

for great organ and orchestra (2*-2*-2*-2*  2-2-2-0  3Perc.  Strings) 

40 (+4) pages

Solo organ part (B4) : 35 (+3) pages

Performing material to be asked from the composer.


Presentation, score excerpts and audio recording


First performed on the occasion of the inauguration of the new great organ of the Cathedral of Lausanne (December 2003). German first performance : June 2010 at the Gewandhaus of Leipzig, with Michael Schönheit and the Gewandhaus orchestra, conducted by Riccardo Chailly. Alternately virtuoso, thoughtful, fiery or majestic. The organ has a dialogue with the instruments or opposes the orchestra.




Organ solo



M.456 : Gethsemané (1990)  [4']

for organ          

6 (+1) pages

CD recording


Presentation, score excerpt and audio excerpt


Sorrowful evocation as well as resigned. At least double manual and pedal keyboards. Sounds particularly well on great organs of romantic style. Has already been played in different places, two of them being the Kreuzkirche of Dresden and the Braunschweig Cathedral. First performance in 1994, by Erwin Messmer.




M.465 : Hommage à Olivier Messiaen (1992)  [4’]

for organ

3 (+1) pages


Freely inspired by the poetical atmosphere of the great French composer. Soft deploration ending in serenity, composed upon the news of Messiaen’s death. First performance in 1999, by René Oberson.




M.614 : Lux Mundi (2000)  [22']

for organ

26 (+14) pages


Written in such a way it can be played on different types of organs. To be played either on concerts or during the liturgy, suitable for the Holy Week or any other occasion. Very meditative work, alternatively dark or bright, tensed or oppressed. Commissioned by the European Music Month 2001. First performed by more than ten organists of Basel and the surroundings, during the Holy Week of 2001.




M.640 : Veilleur, où en est la nuit ? (2004-5)  [5']

for organ

5 (+3) pages


score excerpt (pdf)


The title « Veilleur, où en est la nuit ? » (“Watchman, what of the night?”) is taken from the book of Isaiah. Between the anguish of the dark night and the hope, inspired by the watchman, that the day shall rise again.




M.650 : Serenata in chiaroscuro (2005-6)  [6']

for organ

5 (+1) pages


This work has been commissioned on the occasion of the 20th Concert Season of the Orgelserenaden of Berne-Bümpliz. In one single movement, the piece goes often from brightness to obscurity, and vice versa. It is elliptical and interrogative. The principal theme, hesitating, alternates with rich harmonies. First performance in 2006, by Erwin Messmer.







 M.470 : Sonata (1993)  [6']

for trumpet and organ

12 (+1) pages with trumpet part: 2 (+1) pages


Takes advantage of the expressive possibilities of the trumpet. Organ part without difficulty.




M.529 : Elégie (1995/7)  [5']

for trombone and organ

9 (+2) pages with trombone part: 2 (+2) pages


Work of noble character. Suits the character of the trombone.




M.473b : Adagio (1993)  [5']

for violin and organ

6 (+1) pages with violin part : 3 pages


Transcribed from the Adagio for violin and piano. Work of classical aspect, of bright simplicity. Very melodious violin part.




Organ and several instruments



M.675 : Offrande Funèbre en hommage à Bach (2010)  [5']

for flute, violin, cello and organ

10 (+2) pages

M.675a : performing material : 3 x 3 (+1) pages


The Offrande Funèbre en hommage à Bach (Funeral Offering in homage to Bach) is based on four themes : an omnipresent plaintive and almost obsessive motive ; the theme of the Funeral Offering itself ; a lyrical theme, at first played by the flute ; at last, a chromatic basso ostinato, sometimes descending,  sometimes ascending. The four themes intermingle progressively, while the organ plays the beginning of the Ricercar a 3, which dissolves gradually after the entry of its 3rd voice. Commissioned by the Schweizer Kammerensemble, which first performed it in Lenzburg (Switzerland), on August 20th, 2010.





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